Convenience of electric car charging in our hotel near Port Everglades!

Do you own or are renting an electric car? Are you traveling to Fort Lauderdale? Our Fort Lauderdale cruise hotel is the the perfect place to stay because we offer FREE electric car charging by providing an electric car charging station capability to all our guests!

Whether you purchased it for the environment, for the convenience or for the cutting edge technology, electric vehicles like Tesla, Fisker, Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf and others are becoming popular alternatives to gasoline and diesel-powered internal combustion vehicles. Electric propulsion technology has been around for as long as cars have been around, but inferior battery technologies and popularity of internal combustion largely kept electric vehicles out of mass production.

Nowadays, plug-in hybrid and fully electric vehicles share the road with their fossil fuel-powered counterparts, advances in battery technology allowing these vehicles to run about as long on a single charge as the "normal" cars do on a single gas tank.

However, even with all the advances in technology, the problem with electric vehicles remains the same -- electric car charging. A typical gas-powered vehicle will take about 5 minutes to fill up its gas tank at any gas station, on just about every corner, anywhere in the United States. An electric-powered vehicle, once out of charge, has to be plugged in and recharged prior to moving on. Charging electric vehicles fully can take up to 50 hours via a standard 120 V outlet, and around 10 hours via a specialized 220 V outlet. Another problem is availability -- while gas stations appear on every corner, specialized charging stations are few and far between. Time and availability make electric car charging a cumbersome and inconvenient affair.

At Rodeway Inn & Suites - Fort Lauderdale Airport and Cruise Port, we welcome all electric vehicles! We offer free charging to all electric vehicles of guests who stay at our cruise port hotel. Drive your electric vehicle to our hotel, and charge your car while you stay with us! We offer FREE transportation to and from the Port Everglades cruise port, and to and from the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport, as well as transportation to various destinations throughout South Florida. Want to stick around our hotel? No problem, we have amenities such as a pool, fitness center, business center, gift shop and a full-service restaurant next door!

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Electric Car Charging Stations


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