Okay, What Did You Forget this Time?

There’s probably not much worse than getting to our hotel, checking in, getting to your room, and opening your luggage to realize: oh dang, you forgot something.

Okay, so we’re being a little bit hyperbolic here.

Yeah, there are a few things that are admittedly worse than forgetting your toothbrush for the umpteenth time, but c’mon! If you wanted to hear about root canals or finding a half a worm in your apple, look elsewhere. This page is for people who want to commiserate about the plight that plagues us all — forgetting essentials that you absolutely needed but sadly left at home.

Also? We know you didn’t forget your toothbrush. In fact, you were probably so worried about forgetting it that you probably grabbed two. It’s the other little things that you forgot that are the real thorn in your side when travelling.

Your chargers. This is up there with probably the worst ones to forget. We depend on our smartphones and laptops in our daily life. If you close your eyes, you could probably picture your charges right there, mocking you from your bedside table. To avoid forgetting yours, consider packing them first to make sure it actually goes with you. Or, buy a second set of them and store them in your suitcase or briefcase at all times.

Your contact lens solution. If you wear corrective lenses, you probably don’t think twice about your nighttime routine. Wash face, brush teeth, take out your eyeballs. But here you are, ready to unwind in one of our cozy guest rooms, and you forgot your solution or your case. Just like you should keep backup of your chargers, keep spare cases and solution in your luggage to make sure you have one with you when you travel. If you ask nicely, your local optometrist’s office may even give you a small travel kit for free.

Your swimsuit. This one’s a real bummer. With 23 miles of beaches just a short distance from us, and an outdoor heated pool beckoning alluringly to you, you do not want to forget your swimsuit. And you definitely do not want to have to borrow Great Aunt Bertha’s spare suit. Shudder.

Your medications. Again, file this one away with “it’s so habitual, you completely overlooked it”. If you take medicine, make sure you get any refills on your scripts before you head out. While some of you may want to bring just a short supply of your medications in one of those fancy-pants daily pill organizers, some medicines need proper labelling to be legal for travel. Check with your pharmacist if you are uncertain, since you definitely don’t need your meds getting confiscated when you’re far from home.

If forget something while staying with us, don’t fret! Please check in with us if you forgot anything, as there are some things we can provide to you as a courtesy. If you do overlook something in your luggage, though, we have a handy gift shop, specifically called “Forget Something? Gift Shop” on-site with all of the things you may have forgotten as you rushed out the door. We want your stay with us here in Fort Lauderdale to be as smooth and stress-free as possible, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have while you’re our guest!