Pre-Cruise Stays Are a Great Idea

Search the web, and everyone agrees: Stay at a hotel the day before your cruise if you can. Wedge that extra day’s stay into your vacation budget. You’ll increase your family’s enjoyment while reducing your travel risks. It’s a win-win idea.

Rodeway Inn & Suites Fort Lauderdale caters to the family looking for a pre-cruise stay. Our prices are right, with free breakfast and free WiFi. There’s also no charge for our Fort Lauderdale Airport shuttle or our Port Everglades shuttle! We’re just minutes from either location.

Imagine having a day to gather yourself after your flight. You get the opportunity to buy things you may have forgotten, and you get one last chance to check emails before boarding. Travelers often use pre-cruise stays to:

  • Overcome nervous jitters. Not everyone travels well. Arriving at your departure destination a day early can help you relax before your vacation begins.
  • Avoid weather delays. Most people become anxious when their flight is delayed by weather. Ease your mind by arriving the night before your cruise departs.
  • Recover lost luggage. If your luggage doesn’t make it off the plane with you, you have still a chance to have it delivered by departure time.
  • Save on travel insurance. No need for that standby flight to catch up with the cruise you missed. Spend that savings on your pre-stay day.
  • Enjoy the departure city. Arrive early the day before your cruise and explore Fort Lauderdale. Hit the beach, take a water-taxi ride, maybe do some shopping.

The key is to make sure you enjoy yourselves. You’re on vacation!