Top 5 Tips on Packing for Your Cruise

We’ve scoured the internet for the best ideas on packing for your cruise. Whether you’re staying overnight at a hotel near the cruise port or you’re flying in on departure day, you’ll need to pack your bag efficiently for your cruise. Remember to leave room in your luggage for items you purchase on your trip!

Our best tips for cruise packing include:

1) Pack a day bag. For stuff you’ll need onboard before your luggage arrives, pack a small day bag. You should include your swimsuit, flip flops, medications and your travel documents. If the pool isn’t for you, pack a different change of clothes. Never leave your ID or cruise documents in your checked baggage!

2) Learn the dress codes. You’ll have to decide for yourself how fancy to dress. Is khakis and a blue blazer, or a short black dress, enough for a formal dinner? Once you’ve planned your time aboard ship, it’ll be easier to determine which styles of clothes you need. It’s OK to dress casual to dine at the buffet!

3) Include do-it-yourself laundry gear. While most ships offer laundry service, often you can get another day from your clothes if you treat them right. Use Downey wrinkle spray to smooth out ruffles, Fabreze fabric spray to remove odors. For stains, bring a Tide stick or Shout. Don’t forget your roll of quarters!

4) Buy a disposable, waterproof camera. Going snorkeling? Onboard or off-site, gift shops will hit your wallet hard for a disposable camera that works underwater. You can save as much as $20 per camera by purchasing one or two before you reach the port. Bring an extra for the friend you’ll meet on the cruise!

5) Load up your smartphone. Add useful apps to your smartphone before you depart. These can include an alarm clock, a nightlight, a flashlight, a tip calculator, a reading magnifier, a phrasebook and a calculator. You even can add helpful sleep sounds to your phone, to drown out that partying next door!

Finally, don’t pack sharp items such as scissors or knives, candles or incense, coffee makers, clothes irons or hot plates. They won’t make it aboard ship. Also, on most cruises you’re no longer allowed to bring your own power strip.