2016 Presidential Nominees Visit Our Fort Lauderdale Cruise Hotel — Well, Sort of, Kind of…

The 2016 United States presidential election season has been one for the ages. With the advent of instant news via social media and the prevalence of the internet, this election has been received more coverage, and more controversy, than any recent elections. FBI Investigations and allegations of corruption and perjury have plagued Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee. Meanwhile, Republican candidate businessman Donald Trump has faced his own opposition due to his off-the-cuff, unscripted and sometimes controversial style of communication.

This has also been a busy travel season for the candidates. Between the Democratic and Republican National Conventions and hundreds of rallies, speeches and appearances, both candidates traversed the country numerous times while on the campaign trail.

Needless to say that we were extremely honored when both candidates, or rather their cardboard cutouts, graced our Fort Lauderdale cruise hotel with their presence.

The cardboard candidates arrived early last week, and proceeded on a tour of our new and renovated hotel facilities. Cardboard Mr. Trump was very impressed with the size of our hotel.

“It’s huge,” — he said more than once. Cardboard Mr. Trump was also in approval of our Mercedes-Benz guest shuttles, confirming that he himself would not mind traveling in such luxury.

Cardboard Hillary was also adamant in her endorsement of our cruise hotel, repeating “I’m with Rodeway,” as we concluded our tour of the fitness center, heated swimming pool and whirlpool suites.

Both cardboard candidates decided to stay the night at our Fort Lauderdale cruise hotel, and the next morning, joined our guests for breakfast. Prior to boarding their shuttles to Port Everglades to take off on their tropical cruise vacations, many guests took advantage of the opportunity to take pictures with the cardboard candidates. Cardboard Mr. Trump and cardboard Hillary were more than happy for the photo opportunities, and posed diligently for all requested photos.

If you are traveling to Fort Lauderdale soon and are disappointed about missing the opportunity to meet and take pictures with the cardboard candidates, you are in luck! Both cardboard Mr. Trump and cardboard Hillary decided to stay at Rodeway Inn & Suites Fort Lauderdale Airport & Port Everglades Cruise Port for a while longer. You can catch them right in the lobby of our hotel, discussing politics and the future of the United States right by the ATM opposite the check-in desk.

Both cardboard candidates will be more than happy to pose for photos — stop by anytime and be sure to stay with us — after all, our hotel just got the seal of approval from both cardboard presidential nominees!